Holistic Health and Healing

When we address health in a holistic way healing takes place. Modern medicine has made many strides over the last few decades, but they have also taken many steps backward. Our current disease model has doubled the human lifespan, yet the way doctors treat their patients has gone very awry due to corruption in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

The disease model says that an organ is affected by a defect that produces symptoms. Simple enough. However, many of the treatments doctors use only address symptoms of diseases they deem “incurable” while causing more side-effects, often worse than the conditions they are meant to treat.

This should not be news to anyone. We have all seen the rise of cancer and the failure of our current system to treat such diseases. Did you know that chemotherapy is only effective three percent of the time? Not only does it radiate cancer cells, but healthy ones as well, destroying the immune system of anyone treated with it, effectively killing nearly anyone who does actually go into remission.

While the disease model has helped us immensely, it is based on a false premise that matter is the basis of reality when we now know that all matter is energy; therefore, energy is the basis of reality. Natural, organic treatments are far more healing than manmade ones and they have little to no side-effects. We know this, and yet we still use unnatural medicines. Enter the corruption.

Modern medicine is lobbied by the “health care” system and the pharmaceutical companies because if people were healed there would be no need for health insurance or drugs. You have all seen the meme:

pharmaceutical industry

How to Achieve Health

So, with all that being said, how to we achieve health and healing? First, by eating what nature intended. I will not get too much into this other than saying that anything that does not grow organically in nature should not be eaten. We all know processed foods are bad for us, but many of us still eat them. I am guilty of it all the time, but I do my best.

The point is your diet should consist of as natural products as possible, as should anything that goes into your body or comes into contact with it, i.e. toothpaste, healthcare products, clothes, cookware, air, etc. For more on how to detox the body and mind and cleanse the soul, I recommend reading Angel Detox, written by Doreen Virtue.

We must detox ourselves from anything of negative energy or low vibration. As far as food goes, the longer the time between when it was picked from nature to the time it goes into our mouth the less healthy it is for you to eat, losing vital nutrients and high vibrational energy the body needs to thrive.

How to Achieve Healing

Once we detox the old we must make way for the new. Spontaneous healing can take place when one’s mind shifts from fear to love. To do this, cultivate yourself on every level: body, mind, heart, and soul. Love is the highest vibration there is because it is the only ultimate truth that exists. Everything else is an illusion of separation. When you unify yourself with God reality reveals itself to and through you.

Life begins to take on new meaning when you shift from fear to love. The ego dissipates, contribution drives you instead of hunger, and clarity shows up in the form of passion and purpose. You become clear on why you want what because you see that service to others is what brings true fulfillment. This is not just a cliché. Personally, I am writing this blog post for one reason: to help others find the self-love that they deserve.

Do I hope that it inspires some of you to purchase coaching from me? Yes, but I would write it anyway even if none of you bought anything from me because that is my dedication to serving my higher purpose of helping the world heal. I want to see a better world. I am tired of corrupt politicians and corporations controlling the world and destroying our environment, and I hope that my existence has such a positive impact as to contribute to the restoration of a more harmonious way of life.

Technology is a beautiful thing—you wouldn’t be reading this without it—but it also detaches us from our true selves and separates us from one another. In a group counseling session, I once heard someone say that they could isolate themselves in a room full of people. As someone who could relate, I believe we have an epidemic of loneliness. Everyone feels alone even though many of us rarely actually are.

Our egos are crying out for help. A common misconception of the ego is that it is your enemy, almost as if it is a separate entity, but the truth is “ego” is simply a label for a certain aspect of thinking. We believe we are separate from one another, which is when the ego was born, often during our physical birth, and when the ego “dies” we are “born again” into the awareness that life is eternal and we are one.

Many people believe that you are your body, but what you are is eternal, which means you can never die; therefore, you cannot be your body. The body is a lens of consciousness through which we perceive the Universe. Personally, I find it difficult to describe. All I can do is share my perspective. In my opinion, there are many things that are ineffable. Lao Tzu would agree with me:

tao that can be named

Taking Healthy Actions

Upon shifting from fear to love and from a getting mindset to a giving one, we must follow our intuition or actually take the actions that we believe we are being called to. Don’t be a donkey! Let me explain. Derek Sivers uses a parable to illustrate how you can do many things in life and accomplish a lot, but you have to stay focused on one thing at a time.

Imagine there is a donkey that is equally hungry and thirsty and equidistant between a bale of hay and a trough of water. The donkey, being unable to choose whether to eat or drink, dies of thirst. So, “don’t be a donkey” means that you can accomplish all of your dreams if you focus on one of them at a time. If your attention and energy are stretched too thin then you will accomplish none of them.

Stop dipping your toes in many pools at once. Instead, plunge into the deep end on one project at a time, master it, and then, when you have accomplished what you set out to, move on to something else. This could take years, or perhaps even decades, but this kind of laser focus is what creates world-class talent. As mentioned in another article, The Mindset of Success, true talent is cultivated.

The easiest way to find what you are passionate about is to think about what makes you angry. Do the corruption of the government and social injustice being allowed by it make you angry? How about war? What about the way we humans are destroying the very planet we live on? How can whatever makes you angry inspire you to take action that will fulfill your desire to have something meaningful to contribute to the world?