The Meaning of Sickness

Why do we get sick? Because we encountered a virus, bacteria, or something else compromising to our immune system? Perhaps. But maybe we get sick because we are out of alignment with our higher selves. From a philosophical perspective, sickness can be seen as an error in thinking or behaving.

Some people think we get sick because God is testing or punishing us. Personally, I believe that sickness is a result of not living in integrity or authenticity. Many of us believe that we are inherently flawed; natural born sinners we call ourselves. But what if that was the deception? What if we are naturally pure and the idea that it is in our nature to sin is the lie?

People say we are born sinners because children innately do the wrong things, but they don’t realize that children’s minds are very malleable. People believe what they believe based on where they live. Luckily, thanks to the internet, we have all been exposed to beliefs from all around the globe, which is why there is a rise in people who are “spiritual but not religious.”

Before the internet, however, people generally believed exactly what their cultures and families believed. Why? Because it was the truth? No. People tend to believe what they are told is the truth, whether it actually is true or not.

Not anymore, though. As a species, we are waking up and coming to the realization that just because someone says it does not make it true. Our government is teaching us this lesson to the extreme these days. I don’t know about you, but most people I talk to are very aware that the government is not the most honest organization on Earth.

So, what does all this have to do with the meaning of sickness? Well, what we believe about health and sickness must be challenged before we can accept that our medical and pharmaceutical industries are not exactly any more honest than the government.

The medical community believes that sickness comes from viruses, bacteria, genetic defects, and so on. Essentially, they believe that sickness comes from the material, but thanks to the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bruce Lipton, we now know this is not the case.

meaning of sickness

His studies have shown that our BELIEFS control our wellbeing, not our genes or anything else. Among one of his studies, medical patients were monitored closely and found to show signs of recovering from a sickness on the way to the doctor.

We believe that we need doctors to heal us, therefore, when we go to the doctor our own healing abilities kick in, much like the placebo effect, which has long since proven that we can heal ourselves based on our belief that we will get better.

In another of his studies, patients with arthritis of the knee were given “fake” surgery in which the doctor simulated an operation, cut open their knees, but didn’t actually perform the operation. The patients were not told they received fake surgery, and yet they still recovered the same as the control group who actually got the surgery.

These and many more studies have shown us how it is our minds that heal us and make us sick, not some external or genetic factors. There are tons of emotional healing techniques out there, many of which allow people to recover from all types of diseases, not just mental.

Now that we know how our thoughts can affect our health, let’s talk about how emotions do. Many of us have had experiences in our lives that largely shaped our personalities. Often times these experiences were painful and traumatic, causing us to create certain barriers in our minds in an attempt to protect us from the pain.

These experiences could be things like abuse and abandonment, or they could be smaller, seemingly insignificant experiences like being told we couldn’t do something or having something taken away. The point is, when the experiences occurred we were unable to process our emotions at the time and repressed the memory or feeling or both.

This creates what’s called a trapped emotion, which essentially is an aspect of your mind that blocks off the memory or emotion, preventing you from facing it, and until you are actually able to face it the emotion remains inside you, waiting to be felt.

You see, emotions are there to communicate with us. They are there to tell us things like “I don’t like this” or “That was pleasurable. Do it again.” However, when we repress the emotion it still tries to communicate its message, yet when it is unable to do so it keeps trying until it bursts out, likely in violence, or is released using an emotional healing technique.

There are many techniques available, the most effective I know of being what is called the RES technique by Noah Hammond Tyrrell, a former life coach of mine who is now the owner of Om Marketing Group. Here is a description of the technique given by Noah himself:

So, what is the meaning of sickness? It is to tell us when we’re off track, when there’s something we aren’t facing, or when our beliefs are out of alignment with reality. I am currently getting over a cold that has hit me three times in the last month. I haven’t been sick in about two years, so whatever is causing it is something big because my immune system has been in peak condition for quite some time.

A year or so ago my girlfriend had pink eye, strep throat, and some other infection. She and I slept in the same bed the whole time she was sick and I never caught any of it. The reason I am telling you this is because I am living proof that the techniques for health and healing work. I have used all of the techniques listed above and more, and it has kept me completely healthy for two years.

What went wrong? I stopped using the techniques. I thought I was “cured” and didn’t need to use them anymore. Well, until we are in some mystical enlightened state, we are going to have problems and we have been given many tools to address them. The question is: are you willing to use the tools you’re given?